Ochre Sand ,West Coast

Andrew’s artwork is an emotional as well as a visual experience. His abstract landscapes provide a setting and mood for theviewer to enter into and expand upon with their own imagination giving new meaning to interactive art”

Kathryn Roberts, Art Publisher, Curator, iBook pioneer, Founder Cork Street Open Exhibition

Through his expressive use of colour and intuitive approach, Andrew Kinmont articulates an engagement with nature, memory and the wild places of the world that is nothing less than exhilarating. In addition to his palpable artistic talent, he has drive and focus, a rare and impressive combination

Susan Richardson , Poet & BBC Broadcaster

 ” …blown away (by Andrew’s work). Stunning…”

Maureen Quin, Internationally celebrated sculptor

Kinmont’s extensive experimental research of materials and processes combined with an expressive vision and draughtsmanship result in eminently collectable works which are rich distillations of nature itself

Andrew Coomber, Artist and Art Academic

Since the 19th Century in Europe, and through numerous groups like The Group of Seven in Canada, a modern landscape genre has been emerging in the art world. It involves a discussion between the illusion of form and light on the one hand, and its relationship to the visceral surface of paint, and the poetry of gesture and mark, on the other. As with all other genres, they pendulum in and out of fashion, but remain in between periods of recognition, and are further progressed and quietly explored by certain artists. Andrew Kinmont is a good example, making profound conversations between his eloquent surfaces and his turbulent visions of landscapes. He is also making determined strides towards leaving a legacy of strong paintings, and is worthy of attention”

Edward Povey, Artist and Royal Cambrian Academician

“I knew (the painting) was the perfect piece…but now its here and hanging I enjoy it even more than I expected. The colours and tones are striking and every time I look at it, I see new things. It changes with the light and intrigues all who have seen it. A fabulous conversation piece and wonderful addition to my home”

Stephen Griggs, Collector

“We are even more sure that we have purchased a fine painting. It has given us a great deal of pleasure has drawn many compliments from friends and family”

Terence Allan, Collector

“The Kinmont is rapturous and, like the other I already have, it’s a painting that will give so much to me in the years to come. Not just joy, but a wonderful sense of freedom. Birds must feel like this as they soar and swoop over the landscape”